Summer = Bikini Season!

I thought I would let you all see my choice for a bikini this year (and since I’m not swimming in dollars, the next 5 years too!) I was hoping for a bandeau style, and while I really, really wanted the Panache Stella bandeau, I finally settled on the Panache Marisa in 32G, with size XL (US) bottoms. They finally arrived, and I immediately tried them on. I found the bottoms to be just slightly large on my ~40″ hips, but not so much that I can’t wear them. The top… Well, I haven’t tried on too many bras recently that were THAT much too small, but wow. Currently I measure 31″ underbust and ~40″ bust. This bra measured 32″ band (stretched) and a precisely 9″ depth. I require at least a 10″ cup depth. I didn’t even take a picture, the quadboob was so bad. So it was back to looking for a hard to find 32GG. The Marisa was released Spring 2014, so there’s not too many left! Finally tracked one down from Figleaves. The result was so much better!



I do have to note that there is a couple differences between the 32G and the 32GG. The G had 3 “panels” making up the front of the bra, while it clipped with a simple but tough plastic clip in the center. The GG has 4 “panels” on the front. The back closure was one I’ve never seen before; two small wings crossed in the back, hooking with small metal hooks almost on the side of the bra under the arm.

So what did you pick this season? I had such a hard time deciding! My top contenders, besides the Stella, were the Panache Eadie, the Cleo by Panache Lucille, and the Panache Britt.


Bras for sale

It has been quite a while since I’ve been able to get on here! I have a brief overview on a bikini that I’d like to do, and I still am meaning to do a review on the Curvy Kate Ritzy. Plus a sports bra, one by Panache! I had a baby mid-November, so between a newborn and a toddler that just turned 2, I am more than busy!

So what I really got on here to say, is that I have some bras for sale! Sizes: 34C, 32B, 32HH Tutti Rouge, 30HH Curvy Kate Roxie, and a Tankini in 32J. If you are interested in any of these, comment below, and I’ll try to post some links for you!

Thanks for your patience with me when I’m so busy! ūüôā

Panache Andorra at last!

I ended up taking new pictures, as I couldn’t find the original photos. So this is a mainly photo review since I just did the basics and comparison between two sizes here. The¬†ivory one I’m wearing in the photos is a 32H.

Panache Andorra 32H

Panache Andorra 32H

The best features of the Andorra are the stretchy lace that accommodates different shapes and the side panel inside the cup that pushes the breast forward.

Side panel

Side panel

The center gore lies flat like it should.

Center gore

Center gore

I do get slight overspill (quadboob) even though the lace is stretchy. But it’s slight enough that it rarely shows under clothing.

Overspill or "quadboob"

Overspill or “quadboob”

The Andorra often rolls under or out at the underwire, especially if there is fat or flesh below it.

A common Andorra problem

A common Andorra problem

And the back looks good! No riding up, no cutting in… it’s very comfortable!

No riding up!

No riding up!

I found one that fits! (reasonably)

I’ve been watching on eBay for anything that’s under $30 and a 30J or 32HH. I’ve found a couple, but when they arrived and I tried them on, it was a no-go. However, just today, another one arrived. I was almost afraid to try it on, lest it be just another one that didn’t work for one reason or another. It’s a very pretty bra, hot pink with black lace… and then I put it on. Wow! It lifts as well as my Curvy Kate Thrill Me! So entering as one of the few that currently fit me: Panache Sienna in 30J! The band fits nice and snug like it should. I don’t have any overspill in the cups and I do fill them out completely. The only thing I really don’t like about it is the usual problem of the edge of the cup coming too high into my armpit/arm. I’ll do a proper review of this sometime and show pictures, but for now I had to let out some excitement over finding one that fits! It’s lovely!

Observations in India

So I wasn’t able to do that review that I had mentioned here. That’s because I headed off to India for my brother’s wedding. While I was there, like a true bra maniac,¬†I checked up on their bras and bra styles. I could only find one color: white. And a few styles that were pretty much a variation one way or another of this. The only sizes I saw were about 32A to 38C. There was no such thing as large cups. The reason I discovered was that the way they wore bras was pretty much just to smash the breast against the body. And about half the women didn’t even wear bras, just¬†a sari blouse.¬†Now I am only talking about villagers, not people from large cities. I do not know if they have more and better options in the cities. I sure hope so!

I was fitted with a custom sari while I was there, and I found it a little amusing when I tried it on. The bust was just big enough, with little “cups” (kind of like bra cups) at the fullest part of the bust. The “cups” were about the depth of a B cup. The part of the blouse that was supposed to fit snugly at my waist was vastly too large, although I had given my measurements. I wonder if the reason for that was that they just figured I had misunderstood what they meant by measurements or the seamstress just assumed that no one has such a drastic difference between bust and waist measurements and that I just measured wrong. After all, the second thought there is true in a way. Except that if the fuller busted women there wouldn’t just smash their breasts into a bra, but actually get fitted with the proper size…

I didn’t see any nursing bras, so I have nothing to say about that aspect.

Been a while…

So it’s been a while since I posted last. Life’s been crazy! I hope to get one bra review done before next Monday, but I’m not sure which one I should review! I have four that I wear regularly: Panache Andorra in 32HH, Freya Arabella in 30J, Curvy Kate Thrill Me in 30J, and Cleo (by Panache) Lizzie in 30HH. Then I have some that don’t fit me and I’m trying to sell them: Bravissimo Sweet Bon Bon in 30J and Freya Lucy in 30J.

So if someone comments on one they want to hear about, I will do that one. If not, I’ll just pick one and the next post will be a regular review again!

Bras for sale!

I’m currently trying to sell all the bras that don’t fit me. Some are brand new, and it’s just too expensive to return them (UK). Others are used. I will post them on the Facebook page, so check there! There are five total, ranging in size from 30H to 30J. These are all on eBay and Bratabase,¬†so get them while they are still available!