Bras for sale

It has been quite a while since I’ve been able to get on here! I have a brief overview on a bikini that I’d like to do, and I still am meaning to do a review on the Curvy Kate Ritzy. Plus a sports bra, one by Panache! I had a baby mid-November, so between a newborn and a toddler that just turned 2, I am more than busy!

So what I really got on here to say, is that I have some bras for sale! Sizes: 34C, 32B, 32HH Tutti Rouge, 30HH Curvy Kate Roxie, and a Tankini in 32J. If you are interested in any of these, comment below, and I’ll try to post some links for you!

Thanks for your patience with me when I’m so busy! šŸ™‚


Been a while…

So it’s been a while since I posted last. Life’s been crazy! I hope to get one bra review done before next Monday, but I’m not sure which one I should review! I have four that I wear regularly: Panache Andorra in 32HH, Freya Arabella in 30J, Curvy Kate Thrill Me in 30J, and Cleo (by Panache) Lizzie in 30HH. Then I have some that don’t fit me and I’m trying to sell them: Bravissimo Sweet Bon Bon in 30J and Freya Lucy in 30J.

So if someone comments on one they want to hear about, I will do that one. If not, I’ll just pick one and the next post will be a regular review again!

Miss Mandalay Vava Bra Review

Since there are several reviews I need to do, I’m going to break them up over several days because of my lack of time. My baby is teething, and very grumpy, so forgive me if my review sounds a little choppy. It’s because I had to keep getting up to take care of the baby! So now for the actual review…

I had ordered a 30HH with 30J being my usual size. Occasionally I can fit into a 30HH, so since this one only went up to HH, I decided to try it. It was a struggle to get it on. The cups were much too small, as you can see in the picture! Based on the measurements I took of the bra, and the way it fit on me, I would say this one runs 2 or 3 cup sizes small.

Much too small in the cups

Much too small in the cups

The band also ran small. Unstretched, it measured 25 inches. Stretched, (carefully, because I’m returning it!) it measured 28 inches. That’s not close enough to a 30 band for me…

Too small in the band

Too small in the band

The quality I wasn’t thrilled about, either. It made a crinkling sound when I picked it up, and the fabric seemed cheap. The foam lining was kind of itchy.

The styling was beautiful, though! I loved the little rosebud detail on the center gore, and the animal stripes were just my thing! The cut of the cups looked like it would have shown a little cleavage, if it had fit. Beautiful, Miss Mandalay!

Lovely cut on the cups

Lovely cut on the cups

If you’re thinking now maybe you shouldn’t try it, I would say, go ahead, but order a band size up, and two cup sizes up from your usual! The 30HH fit like a 28H.

So have you tried any Miss Mandalay? What was your experience?