Bras for sale

It has been quite a while since I’ve been able to get on here! I have a brief overview on a bikini that I’d like to do, and I still am meaning to do a review on the Curvy Kate Ritzy. Plus a sports bra, one by Panache! I had a baby mid-November, so between a newborn and a toddler that just turned 2, I am more than busy!

So what I really got on here to say, is that I have some bras for sale! Sizes: 34C, 32B, 32HH Tutti Rouge, 30HH Curvy Kate Roxie, and a Tankini in 32J. If you are interested in any of these, comment below, and I’ll try to post some links for you!

Thanks for your patience with me when I’m so busy! 🙂


Bras for sale!

I’m currently trying to sell all the bras that don’t fit me. Some are brand new, and it’s just too expensive to return them (UK). Others are used. I will post them on the Facebook page, so check there! There are five total, ranging in size from 30H to 30J. These are all on eBay and Bratabase, so get them while they are still available!