All about correct bra fitting

There is a very important (and often confusing) piece of clothing that every woman wears. A bra. It’s not a common topic, since it’s not outerwear. Unlike panties, bras are not so generic in sizing. Bras are very specific, in fact, the more I understand bras and women, the more specific I realize they are. My interest in bras and bra fitting began a while ago. I am now a certified bra fitter, and I would love to help anyone with finding a better bra. So here are some reasons why I am concerned about bra fitting: Wearing the wrong bra size can cause many problems, including:

  • Neck Ache
  • Shoulder Ache
  • Back Ache
  • Skin irritation caused by straps digging in
  • Irreversible damage to ligaments can cause breast pain and sagging
  • Wires can stick into the breast tissue, causing unnecessary pressure and discomfort
  • Bad body image and/or depression
  • Clothing not fitting due to the bust being too low

Wearing the right size bra will:

  • Be comfortable
  • Be supportive
  • Lift the bust revealing the waist to give a slimmer appearance
  • Fill the woman with confidence
  • Create a better posture and a smooth silhouette under clothing
  • Often fit her into a smaller size of clothing
  • Help prevent chiropractor visits

So what constitutes as the wrong size? Well, anything that looks like the “before” photo here:

Bad vs. Good

and in this one:

Bad vs. Good

Although this look is commonly sought after as “sexy” in the US, all it actually is, is a badly fitting bra:

So called sexy is only a badly fitting bra

And another one:

This is a horrible fit

And she sure looks better!

So much prettier!

For larger women, sometimes it’s hard to know what a good or bad fit is. But here are a couple examples:

Her bust is very low

Her bust is sagging a lot

And now for properly fitted bras:

Wow, that looks nice and very supported!

The one on the right looks so much more comfortable!

Snug on the loosest hook

So here are two links for proper bra fitting! One is a video, the other is written out with photo helps:

Some added thoughts: Most likely your size is made. The most you should ever add to your band measurement is 2-3”. Never more. Never get fitted at Victoria’s Secret, or most other places for that matter. (Nordstrom’s can be ok, but it’s usually hit or miss, so I can’t really recommend it) The price of the bras is definitely worth the better fit, less back ache and neck ache. Always check eBay or Bratabase for some of the best prices. Breakout Bras has free shipping. Her Room has a large selection. Good brands to look for are Curvy Kate, Freya, Fantasie, Panache, Bravissimo, etc… and for nursing bras: Panache, Freya, Hot Milk, Royce, and Anita. I hope this explains why I blog about bras, at least somewhat! If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to comment below.

***I do not own any of these photos or videos. I found them via searching on Bing Images***

Observations in India

So I wasn’t able to do that review that I had mentioned here. That’s because I headed off to India for my brother’s wedding. While I was there, like a true bra maniac, I checked up on their bras and bra styles. I could only find one color: white. And a few styles that were pretty much a variation one way or another of this. The only sizes I saw were about 32A to 38C. There was no such thing as large cups. The reason I discovered was that the way they wore bras was pretty much just to smash the breast against the body. And about half the women didn’t even wear bras, just a sari blouse. Now I am only talking about villagers, not people from large cities. I do not know if they have more and better options in the cities. I sure hope so!

I was fitted with a custom sari while I was there, and I found it a little amusing when I tried it on. The bust was just big enough, with little “cups” (kind of like bra cups) at the fullest part of the bust. The “cups” were about the depth of a B cup. The part of the blouse that was supposed to fit snugly at my waist was vastly too large, although I had given my measurements. I wonder if the reason for that was that they just figured I had misunderstood what they meant by measurements or the seamstress just assumed that no one has such a drastic difference between bust and waist measurements and that I just measured wrong. After all, the second thought there is true in a way. Except that if the fuller busted women there wouldn’t just smash their breasts into a bra, but actually get fitted with the proper size…

I didn’t see any nursing bras, so I have nothing to say about that aspect.

Band size

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