When I was about 15, I started having a hard time finding bras that truly fit. I was a 32DD*, but I just couldn’t seem find that in local stores. Finally I found my size, kind of hidden behind other bras. Only one style, but three colors that I learned to dread: white, black, and “nude”. They were very plain and nothing like a 16 year old girl would want to wear. Over the years as my bust continued to grow, it got harder and harder to find bras. Eventually I got fit for a custom bra, thinking my size just isn’t made! I was 20, a 32DDD by then, and was fitted for a nude nursing bra. I felt lifted for the first time ever. However, it wasn’t a true fit with a very unusual sizing system (also the fitter used the +4 method) I hated it, and kept wearing my 36D that sagged horribly. I continued to struggle with back and neck problems, resulting in frequent headaches. Then I got married, and got pregnant on our honeymoon. For the first few months, I was too sick to get out of bed, so my bra size wasn’t a problem. Then when I was able, someone told me about Nordstrom’s, and I went there and got fitted for a bra. I was 5 months pregnant, and they said I was a 36G. After I gave birth, I needed a nursing bra, so I went back to Nordstrom’s. This time, they only had one style that fit. A 34K. But even then I put it on the tightest notch right away. I knew that wasn’t right, so I didn’t buy anything. I went home and started doing research online. I ordered bras, tried them on and sent them back. I wasn’t sure what size I was. Finally I measured myself using the techniques I have posted. I discovered I was a 32L or 30M, depending on the brand of bra. Back to Nordstrom’s I went. Again, they only carried one style in my size. However, it was lacy and beautiful (and it was turquoise!!!) I felt pretty when I wore it! I got it.
After all my frustration with finding such an unusual size, I decided I wanted to help other women struggling with the same problem. This is where Double Delight and Beyond began. I hope you find YOUR size, with the links I provide from time to time. If you can’t, please send me a message, and I would love to help you find something both pretty and fitting!

*I use US sizing in this post.


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