Curvy Kate Tease

I’ve been losing weight after my second baby, trying to get back to my old “comfortable” weight. In the process, I’ve lost several cup sizes and am having to get a whole new bra wardrobe. I had been a 32H, then went up to a 32J during pregnancy, and now, 9 months and a good 50 pounds later, I’m around 30GG/30H/32G/32GG. I recently bought the Curvy Kate Tease (the new style, not the old Tease Me) on sale from Amazon, in a 30GG. They redid their sizing, but i still size down to a 30 band, but that’s another post. So here’s what I found. Band: Perfect with an extender. Straps: In just the right place on my shoulders. Underwire: Possibly a touch too narrow for me. Cups: Exactly what I want in a bra, except they are just slightly too small. They are shallow enough for my empty shape, and give me nice cleavage. I think the 30H might be the perfect fit, but I am still losing weight, so I kept it. Hoping it fits perfectly very soon!


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