So I sat down to write a review on the Panache Andorra… and I couldn’t find the pictures that my husband had taken! So I guess that will have to wait. So I’ll just say, so far, the Panache Andorra has been my best-fitting bra. I definitely prefer lined or padded bras, but when it fits, it fits! My first one, a 32HH in Carribean Blue, is worn out now after 8 months of almost constant use. Then I found one in Ivory on eBay for $25! I got a 32H this time, as I have been losing weight. The HH cups are definitely too large for me now, but the H is just a tad small. Thankfully it stretches and the “quadboobing” is hardly noticeable. I’m hoping as I continue to lose weight that I will shrink into it. The positive of going from HH to H cup is that the front of my shoulder/armpit isn’t getting sawed off! It’s the first time since I found my correct size that I can wear a perfectly comfortable bra! However, I did find that the band seems to be looser on the 32H, as I put it on the second hook the second time I wore it. The HH took months before I could do that. To end on a positive note, the wires are narrow enough for me!


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