Totally Tartan by Freya

I am not feeling well today, but I will try to get my thoughts together and write the review of Freya’s Totally Tartan in a 30J. I had fallen in love with the spring-like plaid a while ago, and wanted to get it so bad, so finally I got the chance!
The design is so cute and playful. There are two little wooden button decorations on the center gore, the usual petite bows where the straps attach, and the colors are so fresh.
My troubles began when I tried to put it on. I wasn’t even able to hook it myself. My husband squeezed me into it somehow. So for the band, I think it runs a bit tight. I had a 30, which is my usual, but I think this fit more like a 28, which is much too snug.



The cups were true to size. However, I found the shape to be something of a “ski-slope” shape (my husband’s observation and terminology) as seen in the picture. I have run into this problem before on the Freya Piper. They have a similar cut, but this was even more drastic! I’m not sure what bust shape this would go with, or if it’s just Freya not really making the large cup sizes right, but I know it doesn’t work with a saggier, full-on-bottom shape like mine. The bottom part of the cups had a good shape, though, and really, I felt like it had good support.

A little full in an odd place for me

A little full in an odd place for me

The issue with the fullness in the wrong place for me, however, could be resolved by pinching in about a 1/4″ and the sewing it. But since I haven’t altered any bras yet, I’m a little hesitant to try it and possibly mess something up. (That’s the way me and my sewing machine seem to get along.)

It didn't fit, but it was so cute!

It didn’t fit, but it was so cute!

Well, my long-wished-for bra didn’t fit, but it was so cute! The size was a 30J, but I would say it fit like a 28JJ.
Have you tried this bra? Did you have the same fit issues, or was it THE BRA for you?


2 thoughts on “Totally Tartan by Freya

  1. I only just lost my Freya virginity with the Secret Garden, which has the same cut as Totally Tartan. I usually go for 32HH in other brands (Panache, Ewa Michalak) nowadays, so I was very surprised to find that the 34G fit, if not perfectly, at least nicely! I’ve heard Freyas are large both in band and cup, but this one feels like a true 34 band. The cups are deeper than I would have expected for a G cup, and the wires are not too wide.

    I would have liked to try the 32GG, but the store I went to didn’t have it. But I probably might have gotten the 34G anyway, because of the “GG barrier”. G cups and smaller in these bras are a plunge type with 2 hook fastening. Surprisingly the shape works really nice for my relaxed (not gonna call them saggy) full-on-bottom breasts. I don’t really have many low center gore bras that keep my boobs contained.

    I’ll have to do a longer test run to see how the bra works, but I think I might go bargain hunting for the Totally Tartan in 32G too 🙂

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