Victoria’s Secret

Have you ever gotten measured at Victoria’s Secret? How many sizes off were they?
They put me a in 40B. I’m actually a 30J!


4 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret

  1. I have yet to get measured at VS but I have used their method. I put myself in a 30D in VS which 1) they don’t sell and 2) I’m being generous with myself by pulling the upper portion fairly snug. My guess is they would try putting me in a 32B in store… which is completely ridiculous as I measure 26FF/28F!

  2. I keep meaning to visit VS because I’ve gotten a lot of comments, emails, etc. on my VS posts saying that I should try a 36DD or 38C or something at the shop because their sizes “run different.” So, I want to be able to write a follow-up with pics of their bras, but I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to fake-shop. Great blog, btw! I’ve added you to our blogroll.

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