What does a bra really do?

So I promised I will write a review on the Freya Piper. That’s still coming, friends! But I was thinking today about how my neckaches and even my depression have pretty much disappeared since finding my true size in bras. Not only does a bra lift and hold up, it also can totally change your moods, and give you a much better self-image! Before I knew my correct size, I wore bras that did nothing but cover. I sagged horribly because of basically no support. I was ashamed of my sagginess and slouched very badly to hide it. I felt like I had a couple huge weights hanging off my shoulders, which is actually true. My neck hurt a lot. As a teenage girl, I felt like I was weird because of my shape. I wore baggy clothing to hide the fact that I sagged. All in all, I had very little confidence. It worked into my depression, making me feel like I was just an old bag at only 18.
Today I feel pretty with clothing that fits me. All because of a bra. I no longer feel like hiding when people look at me. I am not ashamed of my shape anymore. I am lifted and supported. My neckaches are gone, my shoulders feel less stressed, my depression is gone. I feel almost like a new person!
So what is the secret to a correctly fitting bra? Break out the measuring tape, ladies. I don’t care how much you don’t want to see the numbers on there. I don’t care what size you discover that you truly are. What I care about is finding your TRUE SIZE, finding the perfect bra for you, and seeing how it can actually change your life!


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