Panache Sports

So I know it’s been a long time since I last posted. But we’ve been really busy, re-starting our trucking business and also buying our first house and moving. Now we are renovating our new house… Ok, basically gutting it and refinishing it. So my staple bra while I’ve been so busy and active has been the Panache Sports bra in a couple different sizes. I haven’t tried the non-wired version yet, so this is about the wired version. Panache advertises them as “up to 83% less bounce“! And I tell you it’s true. Even at larger cup sizes. I’ve worn a 32H, 32GG, 32G, 32FF, and a 32F (though the 32F ended up being too small in the cup). Currently I’m fitting best in a 32G, so I have two of those and a 32FF from before a weight gain. The newest used purchase I made was off eBay in a 32G gray. My other 32G (the one I’m wearing now!) is a cool coral and denim color. My 32FF is black.

These bras are seriously one of the comfiest I’ve ever worn. I’m close-set, and while the gore measures 1″, there’s so much padding that it doesn’t bother me. Panache is famous for very stiff, inflexible wires. While this is the case in the sports bra too, the wires are so well wrapped and padded it isn’t noticeable. The cups are seamless on the interior, while on the exterior there are a few seams in the layer over the cups. They also don’t stop at the top of the wire, but continue up a couple more inches, providing more coverage and less bounce. The cups are generous and generally run a full cup large. The straps are attached to the cups at an optimal place, too. Far enough from the arms so they don’t rub, but yet under even fairly low cut shirts they aren’t too close as to be seen. They are only 1/2 way adjustable, and I’ve heard some women say they don’t adjust long enough. For me, I don’t have that issue, even though I have a long torso and fairly low set breasts. There’s a J-hook option at the top of the adjustable straps, which turns it into a racer back style. The band hooks with three rows of three hooks and eyes. The band is very firm, not a lot of stretch! I size up there, with 30 being my usual bra band size, I go for a 32 with this. The lift I get with such a firm band is amazing! Seriously, I wish I got this kind of lift in more regular bras. Shape looks good under snug t-shirts too.Overall, the comfort level is a 10 out of 10. The aesthetics are also spot on, always looking good. WP_20160317_003WP_20160317_002

And then some pics without the shirt, so you can see the actual sports bra!

Without J-hooks done up:WP_20160520_13_03_02_ProWP_20160520_12_59_19_ProWith J-hooks done up:

WP_20160520_13_00_56_ProWP_20160520_13_02_30_ProWP_20160520_13_01_26_ProAnd lastly, some close up pictures of the 32FF:




I’d be interested in having a reader review this in a small cup size, too. These come in cup sizes from B to J!


Summer = Bikini Season!

I thought I would let you all see my choice for a bikini this year (and since I’m not swimming in dollars, the next 5 years too!) I was hoping for a bandeau style, and while I really, really wanted the Panache Stella bandeau, I finally settled on the Panache Marisa in 32G, with size XL (US) bottoms. They finally arrived, and I immediately tried them on. I found the bottoms to be just slightly large on my ~40″ hips, but not so much that I can’t wear them. The top… Well, I haven’t tried on too many bras recently that were THAT much too small, but wow. Currently I measure 31″ underbust and ~40″ bust. This bra measured 32″ band (stretched) and a precisely 9″ depth. I require at least a 10″ cup depth. I didn’t even take a picture, the quadboob was so bad. So it was back to looking for a hard to find 32GG. The Marisa was released Spring 2014, so there’s not too many left! Finally tracked one down from Figleaves. The result was so much better!



I do have to note that there is a couple differences between the 32G and the 32GG. The G had 3 “panels” making up the front of the bra, while it clipped with a simple but tough plastic clip in the center. The GG has 4 “panels” on the front. The back closure was one I’ve never seen before; two small wings crossed in the back, hooking with small metal hooks almost on the side of the bra under the arm.

So what did you pick this season? I had such a hard time deciding! My top contenders, besides the Stella, were the Panache Eadie, the Cleo by Panache Lucille, and the Panache Britt.

Curvy Kate Tease

I’ve been losing weight after my second baby, trying to get back to my old “comfortable” weight. In the process, I’ve lost several cup sizes and am having to get a whole new bra wardrobe. I had been a 32H, then went up to a 32J during pregnancy, and now, 9 months and a good 50 pounds later, I’m around 30GG/30H/32G/32GG. I recently bought the Curvy Kate Tease (the new style, not the old Tease Me) on sale from Amazon, in a 30GG. They redid their sizing, but i still size down to a 30 band, but that’s another post. So here’s what I found. Band: Perfect with an extender. Straps: In just the right place on my shoulders. Underwire: Possibly a touch too narrow for me. Cups: Exactly what I want in a bra, except they are just slightly too small. They are shallow enough for my empty shape, and give me nice cleavage. I think the 30H might be the perfect fit, but I am still losing weight, so I kept it. Hoping it fits perfectly very soon!

Bras for sale

It has been quite a while since I’ve been able to get on here! I have a brief overview on a bikini that I’d like to do, and I still am meaning to do a review on the Curvy Kate Ritzy. Plus a sports bra, one by Panache! I had a baby mid-November, so between a newborn and a toddler that just turned 2, I am more than busy!

So what I really got on here to say, is that I have some bras for sale! Sizes: 34C, 32B, 32HH Tutti Rouge, 30HH Curvy Kate Roxie, and a Tankini in 32J. If you are interested in any of these, comment below, and I’ll try to post some links for you!

Thanks for your patience with me when I’m so busy! 🙂

Curvy Kate Ritzy is really Ritzy!

I don’t have any pictures yet because I just got it in the mail today, but I tried it on right away, and it fit! I had to wear an extender because the band was much snugger than my Thrill Me in the same size. I like that, though, as I think it can extend the life of the bra. (My Curvy Kate Thrill Me is, or now was, my best fitting bra for the past few months. It is a 30J.) I will attempt to get a full review with pictures on here soon.